We value the courage it takes to embark on the journey to healing and to explore the scars left by mother loss. Transformational change always takes courage.


We respect each motherless daughter who participates in this ministry or volunteers to serve in this ministry.


We help motherless daughters explore how mother loss has shaped their lives. Education equals empowerment. Empowerment contributes to emotional health.


We equip motherless daughters with knowledge to journey toward freedom and experience the gifts God has for them.


We empower motherless daughters to make choices that will help them heal and change the way they look at their past and their future. Empowered motherless daughters decide how they wish to react to the loss instead of letting the loss decide for them.


We are a community of women who welcome any woman who is motherless regardless of age, race, or religious background. Motherloss knows no age, denomination, or ethnicity. It crosses all groups and binds us together into one community.


We maintain the integrity, safety, and privacy of each woman. We value the trust women place in us by sharing their stories.

Commitment to Helping Others

We value the commitment of our volunteers and the gift of their time to the ministry. We will equip our servant leaders with the knowledge, skills, and resources to help others. We embrace growth that advances the ministry.