We welcome you as a volunteer with the Motherless Daughters Ministry. We value the gift of your time, talent, and passion. Our philosophy is to never waste a volunteer’s time and to never let a volunteer “fly by the seat of their pants.” We feel strongly that we have a commitment to honor your time and equip you to be successful. When you are successful, we are successful. There are so many volunteer opportunities. We want to connect with you and discover the role that fits your talents and skills. You may find one listed here. You may have a wonderful idea in how you want to volunteer. New opportunities bloom every day. Just reach out to us. Bless you for your desire to volunteer!
Check out these opportunities below. Don’t find what you want to do? Fill out the volunteer application and we will contact you.

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Facilitator Training

Event Chair: Mary Ellen Collins


  • Next Training is October 19, 2021 training is 30 hours online and is a combination of self-paced e-learning and group online meetings.


  • Commit to Volunteer 100 hrs. over 2 years to the ministry as a facilitator


  • Volunteer 100 hrs. over 2 years to the ministry as a facilitator

What is needed:

  • Willingness to be a servant leader to support women onsite and online

When needed:

  • By October 15, 2021

Available slots:

  • 8

Start Date:

  • More dates to be announced

End date:

  • After 30 hrs. of training.

Recognition for you:

  • Recognized as a Certified Motherless Daughters Facilitator. Your picture, and bio will be listed on our website.
  • Business cards with your name.
Facilitator Training
Available Spots