A certified Motherless Daughters Facilitator is a highly trained and skilled servant leader who facilitates the healing journey of women who have either lost or missed the nurturing care of their mother. She has met all of the qualifications as outlined below for this job description and is certified to use the Motherless Daughters materials that are provided for facilitating a Motherless Daughters class.


In order to achieve this certification, a woman must have:

  1. Completed the Motherless Daughters Journey as a participant.
  2. Successfully completed the 30 hr. Facilitator Training Course.
  3. Participated and completed a practicum being part of a facilitation team for a Motherless Daughters Class.
  4. Completed the post-practicum evaluation procedure.
  5. Must be accepting of other’s belief systems.
  6. Must support the Motherless Daughters Ministry
    1. Mission
    2. Creed
    3. Core Values
    4. Statement of Faith
    5. Vision


  1. Represents the Motherless Daughters Ministry with professionalism and Christian love.
  2. Maintains confidentiality with participant’s information outside of the facilitation team.
  3. Works collaboratively and plans with her facilitation team how best to serve women in the class or retreat.
  4. Prepares lesson plans, handouts, and all materials needed to facilitate the group study.
  5. Completes the agreed upon commitment in the agenda.
  6. Participates in a post-class evaluation and planning.

Commitment to the Ministry:

  1. 100 hours spent in their role as a facilitator over the next 2 years after the practicum to the ministry
  2. Attends quarterly continuing education updates for Facilitators.
  3. Coordinates class offerings through the Motherless Daughters Ministry.
  4. Not to copy or reproduce copyrighted materials unless permission is specifically given.

Register for Facilitator Training starting May 1st.