The Emotionally Absent Mother

In this class, we will be using the book The Emotionally Absent Mother: A Guide to Self-Healing and Getting the Love You Missed by Jasmin Lee Cori. The class focuses on women who have missed mothering in their lives whether their mother is deceased or living. This is called “under-mothered.” For whatever reason, she just was not there for you. We will explore what impact the absence of mothering has had on your life and explore what you can do to support your healing.

The study will:
1.    Identify “Good Mother” messages and the effects of the lack of these messages.
2.    The toughest things about having an emotionally absent mother.
3.    Explore the many faces of the Good Mother and evaluate their impact.
4.    Identify attachment patterns and explore the building blocks that have shaped your foundation.
5.    Express your attachment pattern and foundation graphically.
6.    Determine how the issues and concerns related to the absence of your mother have impacted your life.
7.    Be able to choose to give these issues and concerns to God.
8.    Explore your mother’s story.
9.    Identify the abilities and blessings you have today because of her absence.
10.    Create an action plan of how you will continue to heal and get the support you need.

Upcoming class:

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September 3th – October 8th 2020

This is an online event.

7 PM – 9 PM