As motherless daughters, there are many things that we wish we had gotten from our mothers. For instance, navigating life, taking care of our bodies, feeding our souls, developing relationships, balancing work with other life demands, menopause, parenting, and the list goes on and on.

However, we are not alone.  Many mothered women face the same challenges. They may or may not have had the mentoring or education to master these skills. Whether we are a motherless daughters or not, there is so much about being a woman we don’t know. We need others, a community, to help us know about these things.

Our vision is to holistically empower women  — healing their body, mind, and spirit. As a Christian organization we want to provide Christ-centered classes and seminars related to the body, mind, and spirit not only to motherless daughters but any woman who seeks these things. The ministry is here to provide a safe place to develop these new skills in our life.  Come join us!

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