Julie Thompson

<p>Julie was 26 years old when she lost her mom to a 9 year battle with breast cancer. “Since I lost my mom as a young adult, it can be easy for me to focus on all the life events that my mom will miss. However, the Motherless Daughters Ministry...</p>

Cathy DiBella

<p>My mother loss began at birth; she was there for me physically but emotionally left me empty. Because of this lack of emotional connection, I was very angry as a child and this continued as I became an adult. In 2004, I became so exhausted from being angry, I decided...</p>

Paula Eggebrecht

<p>My mom passed away the day before Mother’s Day in 2009. I then became the full time caregiver for my father who had dementia. He passed away 2 1/2 years later. A close friend of mine referred me to the Motherless Daughters Ministries. While attending the 12 week class, I...</p>

Colleen Ehrnschwender

<p>My mother is 88 years old, but I lost her around the time I turned twelve. She essentially became the child; me the mom. And how terribly ill-equipped I was to take on this role. I have spent most of my adult life trying to answer the “why” and the...</p>

Laura Horn

<p>My mother loss is three fold.  My father died in 1995 and my mother moved to Cincinnati.  I never really felt close to her and realized that part of that was because I never felt my mom was there for me as a child.  She was always busy but didn’t...</p>

Laura Strassell

<p>Laura Strassell lost her mother to cancer only six months before she took the Motherless Daughters Class in the fall of 2010. But it was there that she realized she actually experienced a “double loss,” having “lost” her mother to the effects of chemotherapy ten years before that. The change...</p>

Mary Ellen Collins

<p>When I was 15, I lost my mother to breast cancer. Only when I was stricken with a severe illness in 1999 was I forced to examine how mother loss has affected my life. As a result of confronting the early loss of my mother, I developed and began the...</p>

Barb Snyder

<p>I took the Motherless Daughter class in 2005 in an effort to realize just who “mother” was in my life.  Mom died in December 1999 after a 5 year battle with dementia issues, with gradual loss of speech and movement and some mental decline. But when Gram died in 2001,...</p>

Penny Cesco

<p>I was 23 years young when I lost my mother. She was only 52. That year was 1979, so my journey has been long.  There have been so many events in my life I wish I could have shared with my mother.  In 1999, I experienced some difficult situations and...</p>

Gladys Bell

<p>It’s been 14 years since my mom died and equally long since I sat as a student of “The Journey,” a mere 6 months after losing her. It was painful but healing. The intervening years were fill with work and many other daily obligations as the healing continued. Retiring in...</p>