Laura Strassell

Laura Strassell works in Benefit Continuation at Chard Snyder, also serving as a Presenter during open enrollment seasons. She is a certified Facilitator for the Motherless Daughters class, The Journey. Prior to her work with the ministry, she had various experiences in sales, customer service management, and most notably, non-profit work at the Arthritis Foundation.

Prior to being paid staff at the Arthritis Foundation, Laura was an active volunteer for the organization, teaching arthritis self-help classes, support groups, and organizing leadership trainings for other volunteers. Once on staff, she had many different roles and responsibilities over 16 years, including Volunteer Management/Human Resources, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Special Event Planning and Major Gift Development. Her favorite part of her work in non-profit was making a difference in people’s lives, enabling them to help themselves become healthier, more productive and independent members of society.

Laura also served as Secretary for the Kings Music Association’s Board of Directors for two years, and continues to be very involved in her church community. She brings to the ministry her non-profit experience, her passion for helping women, her personal approach to relationships, and most importantly, a commitment to focusing on God-guided principles.