Laura Strassell

Laura Strassell lost her mother to cancer only six months before she took the Motherless Daughters Class in the fall of 2010. But it was there that she realized she actually experienced a “double loss,” having “lost” her mother to the effects of chemotherapy ten years before that. The change that occurred in her mother had been so drastic from the “best friend” relationship she’d known all her adult life; she had already been grieving for years. This enlightening point revealed to her through the class, as well as the explanation of so many other things in her life, has been difficult and emotional, but so liberating. Finding women to share in this journey has made a huge difference in her life, and now she is so thrilled and honored to help other women travel this road together. It is through friendship, knowledge and the love of God that we can heal and work through one of the biggest losses in our lives.

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