Mary Marcum

Momma passed away in August 19, 1993 from a 3 year battle of cancer which ended up being the most difficult but blessed time in my life. Through her death, she gave birth to me for the second time in her life. It allowed me to have what was in my heart have a voice that I desperately struggled with for so many years. Although it left me with a scar that I can’t get rid of, this very scar is a constant reminder of that there IS a true, loving, merciful and kind Lord who loves us for who and where we are. My biggest and deepest desire is to show other women that there is a God full of hope, peace and love beyond each of our losses. I had a dear friend who introduced me to the Motherless Daughters class that has forever changed my heart and life. I hope to be able to reach other women and share Motherless Daughters so that God can help them find their own voice.