Tina Bracken

Tina Bracken is the Executive Director of CFO North America, providing the overall strategic and operational responsibility of staff, program, expansion, and execution of the mission of the organization: A mosaic community that fosters authentic relationships through loving others as Jesus loves us. Tina became acquainted with CFO North America in 2004 and began serving on the local leadership board, zone leadership board and national leadership board over the course of 12 years before becoming a Director in 2016. 

Previously Tina worked for U.S. Bank for 20 years, achieving the role of Vice President in the field of Business Systems and Project Management. Tina is a goal-oriented individual with strong leadership capabilities, a detail-directed problem solver, and highly proficient in administrative and technical skills. She holds a Masters In Spiritual Formation and Leadership and a BS in Management.

Tina’s heart and passion is to help others invite God into their everyday life, discerning his voice and to help lead transformation of self and community into the image of Christ and the Kingdom of God.