Testimonies are personal statements of women who have participated in the Motherless Daughters Ministry and how it has affected their life.

Uneek V. Lowe, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

My personal deliverance from writing the screw tape letters.  Can’t say enough about the screw tape exercise! This was an eye opener!!

Kimberly Hill Geiser, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

I needed to be alone from the distractions and duties of world and day-to-day life to examine me and to get correction for me and to evaluate me as to why I had feeling of being not only different, but not equipped on levels the way others are. I needed to submit and give back to me for the first time in my life.

I knew I lost the [her] body at age 19 and never knew I never had a mother.  I was the 0-6 group and this was ok.  Thank You Lord that it was not me all along. I always knew this, but the confirmation was my most healing of the weekend. This was the biggest tool the devil has been able to use against me my entire life, but no more, he is truly defeated. I realized my brother also was under-mothered. I am still in WOW over this.

My small group was amazing on another level. We connected, strengthened encouraged and cried with each other’s breakthroughs, a little bit of heaven on earth. 

I am truly changed. This has released me from the bondage I have been in for 571/2 years. I am moving forward in all areas of my life as I had always been told it was me by my Mother who was the problem, but I do not accept this anymore as I have the facts to reveal the why and I now have confirmation it was not me, but my Mother who could not give to me from an empty vault. I have stood for years on the promises of Jesus saying from the time I discovered I was to be a Mother, I would not as was done to me and I have not. I have claimed to be a generational curse breaker, strongholds and chains and standing firm for my children and family. I believed this, but now I understand how powerful this statement was and is now. God has prepared me for such a time as this through my journey to be used to lead others to healing.


This 12 week Motherless Daughters class has been wonderful and I hate to see it end.  I have been on this journey with three wonderful women who understand me, accept me and allow me to be me without judging.  It is a relief to be in a setting where I am understood.  This course has allowed me to understand that what I am feeling is normal and ok.  It has allowed me to look at myself and my Mom as individuals and in our mother/daughter relationship.  It has allowed me to consider my past, present and future.  I have to remember to give myself grace and remember to care of myself.

I still have a huge hole to heal, but I have hope.  This hope has allowed the healing to start.  This class has laid a firm foundation for me as I move forward in my journey to find my new normal and my new life.


This class has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and create boundaries.  Mary Ellen, my prayer partner, and my classmates have been an invaluable support.  I feel like I’m still grieving but it’s moved to the back seat.


I had already begun the process of letting Him into those broken places that mother had caused. This class helped me to keep walking in that direction.  I’m learning to experience Him more tenderly and gently.


The content of the class was helpful, but the people in the class are what really touched my heart. I took comfort in knowing I was not alone in this journey. It was a blessing to have such a small class, to get to know other women who are in the midst of similar situations with their mother and to get their insights on my situation. And it has been such a gift to have such amazing facilitators who have opened their hearts to us and are helping to guide us through this journey with our mothers.


Motherless Daughters Ministry changed everything.  I learned more about trauma, grief and healing.  I learned how to fix things that went wrong in my grief journey.


If you would have told me even a couple years ago I would be sitting in a class called Motherless Daughters I would not believe you. I would not have ever considered myself to be a “Motherless Daughter.” I knew I had difficulties in my relationship with my mom through the years, but I would not have called myself “motherless.” From the outside looking in on my family growing up most people would be jealous to have a mom like mine. Some of my friends were. My mother was very involved in my life always. She took me everywhere, was PTA president, worked at the schools, was my girl scout leader, went to all my dance practices and recitals, was always buying me things, was at my house helping when both of my sons were born, and is a very involved grandmother even today. I always felt confused and like something was wrong with me because I felt like I wanted to get away from my mom, it felt like I wanted to crawl into a shell and hide around her, I did not REALLY feel loved by her, and I always felt I had this deep mom brokenness in my heart ever since I can remember. (more…)


I turned 26 this past June. I still have very vivid memories as a 9 year old girl. Insecure. Broken. Longing. Alone. Lost. I needed someone. Anyone. To lead me and guide me. To tell me I meant something, that I was precious and valuable. Loved. My mom wasn’t available. She didn’t see me. She didn’t see that I had those needs. I had to have it all together at 9. Take care of yourself I learned. Be strong. Be tough. Make everybody happy. Keep everybody happy. I was working all the time. No rest. 

I grew up. I had friendships and romantic relationships. I went to college. I became a nurse. I thought I was ok. I did my best. But I couldn’t shake that 9 yr. old girl. I could see her all the time. I could feel her pain all the time. I finally sat down and listened. I let her break. I let me break. I was so afraid. Afraid that I wouldn’t come back together again. It was rough. It is rough. 

I have been blessed. To have a relationship with Jesus. To have him walk me tenderly through all this pain. To lead me to places like motherless daughters where other women walk with me through this pain. I have met amazing women. Women who get me. Who understand me and affirm me. This little group that meets on Thursdays has exceeded my expectations. 

As I come to the end of this 12 week Journey, I’m excited. I’m ready to keep healing. To keep growing and becoming. All that I can be. I believe that’s possible now. I can see it up ahead. My prayer for myself and everyone who walked through this 12 weeks is that we would believe with all our hearts, that our mothers failures don’t have a say in who we are and who we can be. I pray that as we grow we forgive them, find freedom, and set them free.


The Road to Forgiveness has profoundly affected me. The material was brand new to me and so needed. I feel so much lighter and looking forward to what’s to come. People were real, honest, and appreciative of each other.

I had guilt going to church the past few months. I felt numb. My heart has softened and I’m going to church now.