Testimonies are personal statements of women who have participated in the Motherless Daughters Ministry and how it has affected their life.


When I first learned about the Motherless Daughters class I was hesitant to join, because my mother is still alive. She has not played a mother role for me, at least since my teenage years. I am so thankful I did choose to take this class, because I found other women in similar situations, and I learned to let go of the anger I had held onto for so many years. I am finally able to release my expectations, and enjoy my mother for who she is, imperfections and all.


Motherless Daughters is a wonderful opportunity for anyone grieving the absence of a mom. The class helped me identify ways the loss had affected me as well as how to move forward. I learned skills that are very helpful now and that will also be useful for many years to come as I experience different aspects of the loss in the different seasons of my life.


It is with a heart of gratitude that l finish this course; I am thankful for our leaders who valiantly guided and invested into my life; for Mary Ellen, who followed God’s leading in her life to write such a life-changing study; for Hope Edelman, who decided to write about her experiences, having confidence that others will be encouraged along the way; for my study partners, who have helped provide provide profound perspective and insight through this Motherless Daughter study; and for my prayer partner, who has beckoned the heart of my God for His wisdom and guidance on my behalf. Over all these things, I thank my God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who through the power of the Holy Spirit, causes all these things and people to work together for His good and for my joy! Amen!!