The Comfort of a Mother

by Dottie Menkhaus

During this time of global crisis of the Corona virus pandemic, it feels like the world is crashing down around us. The stocks are plunging, everything is closed, grocery store shelves are barren, the workplace looks like a ghost town, mass quarantines and social distancing is everywhere. A sense of impending doom and fear hangs in the air. Every day brings a new change to our normal life.

Next week marks 17 years since my mother passed. I now have had more years without Mom than with her. The number of years feel unreal to me. How could so much time pass by without her? I typically spend that day eating Mom’s favorite dessert at her favorite restaurant and have the comfort of family and friends on that hard day. This year will be much different. The restaurants are all closed, and I will spend the day alone. The day will feel more difficult.

It is during times like this, that I miss my mother the most. I wish she were here to hug me, and tell me everything will be all right. My mother always made me feel safe and secure, that I would always be okay when she was there. At a time when I am fearful and feeling isolated from those around me, I miss her comfort. I miss her reassurance. I miss her company.

I miss my Na-na as well. She had the most optimistic and upbeat personality. She never worried about anything, and lived her life by the phrase, “What will be, will be”. When the world feels dark, I need to remember her words, and let the light of her optimism shine through.

Our current circumstances are difficult but temporary until the virus passes, but for now I will hold my mother’s comforting hugs, and my grandmother’s words close to my heart. I will try to find some other way to honor my Mom next week. I feel a lot of uncertainty at this time, but I can’t worry. “What will be, will be.”


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    Gladys Bell says

    This blog is so appropriate right now. People seek comfort in a lot of things but none compare to the comfort of mom. Thank you for sharing these comforting remembrances and ways to honor our mothers.

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