This is a collection of powerful stories – testimonies from women who, in various ways, have participated with us. Whether through a course, a retreat, an event, a support group, or a simple conversation, each woman's journey is a testament to the transformative power of connection. Every woman who has been a part of our community holds a unique and powerful story. Our experiences, our growth, and our resilience are beacons of hope for others who may be on the same path.

We Want to Hear Your Voice.

Will you share your story? Your words have the power to inspire, comfort, and ignite hope in the hearts of those who may be seeking solace. Let others know how the Motherless Daughters Ministry has made a difference in your life.

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J.G. (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

I signed up for this class with great hesitancy and fear. But I signed up because the title of the reference book for the course is aptly titled, "Will I Ever Be Good Enough?" The title seemed to . . . Read More

S.M. (Daughters of the Narcissistic mother)

This was a wonderful class. First, being able to be heard and being surrounded by women who understand provides such a safe space to start healing. There is so much support and love in this class, . . . Read More

E.H. - Coaching

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work 1 on 1 with Mary Ellen.  She is very experienced, loving, and Christ-focused.  I have healed a lot from my work with her.  I am looking . . . Read More

L. L. - (The Emotionally Absent Mother)

Very hard hitting and accurate book outlining the experience and consequences of growing up without a mother's emotional support. A treasure trove of unexplored pain that one could spend a lifetime . . . Read More

J.B. (Daughters of the Narcissistic mother)

It was wonderful to connect with other women who get it and can empathize in a deep and meaningful way. It brought a lot of understanding and comfort for me to learn more and more that what I . . . Read More

MX (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mothers)

Being a part of a weekly class with women who lived through similar environments as mine has been life changing. There were lies in my heart I had stuffed so many things over that I never accessed . . . Read More

M.D. (Daughters of the Narcissistic mother)

I am still wrapping my head around even being in the class. Growing up, I knew something was "out of sync' but I didn't realize I was being abused or that I should have experienced the nurturing . . . Read More

J.B. (The Journey Retreat)

I have been involved with the ministry for a few years and have taken nearly all the classes offered. This retreat was a life-changing opportunity for me! From the small group sessions to the larger . . . Read More

C.W. (The Journey Retreat)

My journey actually began many years ago, long before I heard about the Motherless Daughters Ministry. It began the day my world turned upside down. I was thirteen years old when I went to wake my . . . Read More

M.F. (The Journey Retreat)

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” - Buddha Siddhartha Guatama ShakyamuniThrough a strange series of events, that I understand better now as God moments, I was connected to the . . . Read More

JD (Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers)

This class was the perfect sequel to the Emotionally Absent Mothers course. The materials, discussion, activities, and connection was comforting and also really helped connect me with others who . . . Read More

KR (Emotionally Absent Mother class)

I discovered this ministry many years before I was ready to fully embrace the fact that my mother was truly emotionally absent and that this fact left me with deep wounds that would not heal on . . . Read More

JD (Emotionally Absent Mothers class)

The Emotionally Absent Mother course has given me hope in a fog of despair. The content is exceptional. The facilitators are fairy godmothers of empathy and truth. The participants are surprising . . . Read More

CW (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

This course was an extraordinary experience. It allowed me to meet women from all over the country that share similar feeling and experiences as me. For the first time in my life I felt like I was . . . Read More

Jennifer (Stories)

November 22, 1999 is a day that I will never forget. It is the day that my mother passed away. I was 17 and a senior in high school. She had been in the hospital for a couple weeks this time. Her . . . Read More

LM (Emotionally Absent Mother)

Sharing in the Motherless Daughters group was healing and validating. I learned I am not alone and there is power in feeling support. I learned that boundaries are healthy and necessary. I learned . . . Read More

Anonymous (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

This class has helped me see the narcissistic traits of my sister and others. I this helped me to have a better understanding why my sister (my mother!) has these traits. Although I hate that I . . . Read More

L (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

Motherless Daughters Ministry has impacted my life in many different ways. Since attending the Journey Retreat, I have been able to allow myself to claim mu my mother because I have found validation . . . Read More

LM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

I have truly enjoyed this class. It was eye-opening and validating. Mary Ellen and Cathy provided a warm inviting and safe place to share our hearts and stories. I know I have more work and . . . Read More

Laura (Stories)

It wasn’t until after I was done being a hormone-crazed teenager, went away to school, and got married, that I realized what an awesome person my mom was. Actually, I began to see her as the very . . . Read More

J (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

God’s timing was perfect as always. I needed this class, was open to hear the truth. It was a comfort to be with women who understood, who could relate and with Mary Ellen and Cathy who loved me . . . Read More

JM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

This class has shown me that it was my mom’s inability to love that was the issue, not that I was unloveable. It showed me who I was apart from her — an individual not my mom. It showed me . . . Read More

LT (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

“This is a safe place to discuss “bad mommy issues, conduct and behaviors. Thank . . . Read More

M. (Stories)

I AM WHO I AM – BECAUSE OF MY MOTHER A Mother’s Loveby Michael O. Adesanya “There are times only when a Mother’s loveCan understand our tears,Can soothe our disappointmentsAnd calm all . . . Read More

ST (The Journey)

My journey began a lifetime ago, when I was only an adolescent The loss of my mother at 16 was devastating. The Motherless Daughters Journey helped me to understand that although my head had . . . Read More

JM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

I am so grateful for this class and how God has used it to help me find who I am apart from my mom. I learned that I am a separate valuable individual. I now know that my mom’s narcissistic issues . . . Read More

LM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

Since taking the Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class I look at myself and situations differently. I have learned coping strategies in times of intense emotion. The exercises at times were . . . Read More

Tricia (Stories)

I lost my mother in 2 ways – emotionally from birth, and then to death on February 9th 2008, the day after my birthday. She died unexpectedly 4 days after I gave birth to my 2nd daughter. So with . . . Read More

Jackie (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

What The Emotionally Absent Mother Class Has Done for Me When I first came to this class, I thought maybe I would just learn a few things. I was nervous and did not know what to . . . Read More

Leslie (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

The Emotionally Absent Mother class has helped me in my journey for healing with my mother loss. I have learned so much about myself. Understanding why I am the way I am and what has helped to shape . . . Read More

Cindy (Stories)

My relationship with my mom can be wrapped up into a few phrases of her most famous comments that like to camp out in my head when things aren’t going well. “Well, if you weren’t such a blah, . . . Read More

Anonymous (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

This class made me more aware of the role my mother played / or didn’t play. Learning that “I” just fill in the gaps that under mothering left and I need to use the tools, and ask for help to . . . Read More

FM (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

This class has daughter me to have more self-will. I will be cognizant of the gaps I have from being under-mothered. Page 170 spoke to me about being my own best Mother. While working on nurturing . . . Read More

Anonymous (Stories)

The Lord has had me on a journey toward freedom for the past couple of years. I began to have a “knowing” in my heart that I had built walls around my heart to protect myself and that in my . . . Read More

DW (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

The class has made me recognize now many other women are out there with similar circumstances as mine with their own mother that’s worse than mine.  This class has helped me organize my thoughts . . . Read More

Alicia G. (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

I’m so glad I was able to be in a group setting with some amazing women despite what we all have been through. I absolutely loved this class. It helped me out in so many ways. First of all, it . . . Read More

Cathy (Stories)

I was raised by 2 missing parents, as my mother took care of my physical needs only. I was emotionally abused and abandoned by both. My mother was critical, judgmental, and her eyes would reveal the . . . Read More

Freda (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

The biggest discovery I have realized is that the missing puzzle piece to my brain processing has been identified. It helps me to drill down to the root cause, to be able to stop and redirect my . . . Read More

Sally (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

When I came to this, I learned that my sister and I are not alone. Others have lived this same or similar frustration of unmet expectations from their moms. The class has helped me see why I do some . . . Read More

Rosie (Stories)

Through my mother’s death, God has brought me unto himself and saved my life. The following is a brief look into how that came about. My relationship with my mother was dynamic in the fact that . . . Read More

Pam (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

One of the greatest things I learned in this class is that I am not alone in the mother loss experience. It has helped me be more courageous and vulnerable as I heard other women candidly share . . . Read More

MCC (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

I did a lot of healing with the therapy work I’ve done for several years, but I am still struggling to stay happy and simply feel OK each day. The Emotionally Absent Mother class opened my eyes . . . Read More

JP (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

I feel this class has opened my eyes to a new me. I was able to truly talk about my past with others who truly understand what it’s like to grow up in a home with an emotionally absent mother and . . . Read More

BCC (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

This class has been a very positive experience for me. I was reassured and validated that I was not crazy growing up. I know I am not alone in this journey. Other have walked in these same shoes, . . . Read More

Sherry (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

This class has given me HOPE, and a positive direction in life. I have learned to broaden my outlook . . . to understand that there are many, many more facets to life than I had understood . . . Read More

Katie (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

I have learned a lot about myself and the relationship I had with my mother. Sharing our stories in the class has given me the strength to work on leaving the past behind. I have better . . . Read More

Mary (Stories)

I had time, all the time on my hands to just sit and watch Momma die minute by minute in her hospital bed. You see, she had cancer for 3 years. I must admit that I had watched her die a little bit . . . Read More

Pam (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

I am in a constant state of awe at how the Lord has protected and provided for me growing up the way I did.  The fact that a class so specific to my exact needs is offered at my church right when I . . . Read More

Caroline Lehman, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

Thank you will never be enough. At the point where I needed this retreat the most … you were all there to scoop me up. I will forever be indebted to the MDM and the experience and all of you are . . . Read More

Candis, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

I have never seen a group bond so quickly in my life. Amazing. It was life-changing. As with the other two participants in my small group, we dropped so much hurt and sorrow and anger and mourning . . . Read More

Missy (Stories)

My earliest memories of my mom are of her smiling. I remember that she gave fantastic hugs.She also fought with my dad, a lot. For every warm memory I have of being “little”, there is also one . . . Read More

Uneek V. Lowe, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

My personal deliverance from writing the screw tape letters.  Can’t say enough about the screw tape exercise! This was an eye . . . Read More

Kimberly Hill Geiser, 2016 Journey Retreat/Weekend participant

I needed to be alone from the distractions and duties of world and day-to-day life to examine me and to get correction for me and to evaluate me as to why I had feeling of being not only different, . . . Read More


This 12 week Motherless Daughters class has been wonderful and I hate to see it end.  I have been on this journey with three wonderful women who understand me, accept me and allow me to be me . . . Read More


This class has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and create boundaries.  Mary Ellen, my prayer partner, and my classmates have been an invaluable support.  I feel like I’m . . . Read More

Julie (Stories)

In January 2000, some people were breathing signs of relief that they made it to the new millennium and that the hype of “Y2K” never occurred. Computers were still working, and life seemed to go . . . Read More


I had already begun the process of letting Him into those broken places that mother had caused. This class helped me to keep walking in that direction.  I’m learning to experience Him more . . . Read More


The content of the class was helpful, but the people in the class are what really touched my heart. I took comfort in knowing I was not alone in this journey. It was a blessing to have such a small . . . Read More


Motherless Daughters Ministry changed everything.  I learned more about trauma, grief and healing.  I learned how to fix things that went wrong in my grief . . . Read More

Kris Fisher (Stories)

Forgiveness: An Ongoing Process I have been making peace with my mom one little step at a time for many years. Recently, I realized I have become stuck, vacillating between anger and acceptance. . . . Read More


If you would have told me even a couple years ago I would be sitting in a class called Motherless Daughters I would not believe you. I would not have ever considered myself to be a “Motherless . . . Read More


I turned 26 this past June. I still have very vivid memories as a 9 year old girl. Insecure. Broken. Longing. Alone. Lost. I needed someone. Anyone. To lead me and guide me. To tell me I meant . . . Read More


The Road to Forgiveness has profoundly affected me. The material was brand new to me and so needed. I feel so much lighter and looking forward to what’s to come. People were real, . . . Read More


In the Road to Forgiveness I found a group of women who really listen, a deeper exploration of our reality towards grief and it helped to really see who is/is not my support system so I can work on . . . Read More


This class (The Road to Forgiveness) keeps me honest with myself, teaches me that it is necessary to forgive others and myself.  Also, most importantly, letting go of what angers . . . Read More


Having taken The Journey class and the Emotionally Absent Mother, I knew I was dealing with deep grief and tried to forgive in hopes of healing these wounds.  I have not found a way that . . . Read More


Because of the Motherless Daughters Ministry I know that I am not alone in this journey – I have a huge network of women to belong to. I know now that I can be angry at or hate her behavior . . . Read More


The Motherless Daughters Ministry caused me to think about and recognize that my mom was a motherless daughter too. It helped me to realize that I have many positive traits, blessings, and abilities . . . Read More


I really felt led to take the Motherless Daughter’s class back in the summer. I knew it was the next step in my journey of healing. I had no idea how powerful these 12 weeks would be. Yes, this . . . Read More


The classes have nourished my soul. I’ve been able to dig deep – unbury the hurt and deal with it. It’s been a healing . . . Read More


I’ve seen tremendous growth and healing in myself – it has been very difficult, but at the same time, very rewarding. I’m thankful God moved me here to participate in this. I am more . . . Read More


I have worked through some of my grieving and mourning and that alone has helped me work through some struggles I’ve carried since my mother’s death. I feel better knowing that I’m not alone . . . Read More

Mary Ellen (Stories)

I have been asked many times to share my story of mother loss. I can hardly tell my story without going back in time and reliving it. That has been so many years ago and yet it is as fresh as a . . . Read More


When I signed up for this class, I didn’t expect it to be easy. I did expect it to be very emotional. First, I am struck by how working with a small group has impacted me. I am usually not . . . Read More


I do not have anger towards my mother, I am forgiving her. It has made me understand where my patterns and thoughts originate. I have tools to prepare myself to be a better mom to my future . . . Read More


It’s helped better my relationship with my husband. It’s made me a better mom, by helping me to see my past reactions as mother loss issues. It helped me to get out of my dark place and start . . . Read More

Julianne (Stories)

Powerful, strong, unpredictable, variable, stormy, sunny, brutal, torrential, fair; it is hard to describe my mother without sounding like a weather forecast. She was not unlike Cincinnati weather; . . . Read More


For me after I took this sessions or course, it helped me to look inside of me and analyze myself when I behave in some ways. or to understand the mechanism that I used before. I like to grow as a . . . Read More


When I first learned about the Motherless Daughters class I was hesitant to join, because my mother is still alive. She has not played a mother role for me, at least since my teenage years. I am so . . . Read More

Anonymous (Stories)

Being a daughter of a mother, who is still living, might have presented more apprehensions for me to join the Motherless Daughters class than it possibly could have for others. Whether or not the . . . Read More


Motherless Daughters is a wonderful opportunity for anyone grieving the absence of a mom. The class helped me identify ways the loss had affected me as well as how to move forward. I learned skills . . . Read More


It is with a heart of gratitude that l finish this course; I am thankful for our leaders who valiantly guided and invested into my life; for Mary Ellen, who followed God’s leading in her life to . . . Read More