Ministry Management

Mary Ellen Collins

Executive Director, Ministry Management

Mary Ellen Collins, PhD, is the Founder, Executive Director, and Board Chair of the Motherless Daughters Ministry, Inc. Prior to founding the ministry, Mary Ellen was CEO of People Power Consulting, focusing in areas of management, teams, and organizational . . . Read More

Margaret Campbell

E-News Publisher, Ministry Management

Margaret Campbell retired in 2012, and she began volunteering for several varied charitable organizations. Margaret enjoys serving others in both administrative capacities and hands-on activities. She used her computer skills to manage donations and prepare . . . Read More

Christine Fishel

Administrative Director, Ministry Management

Christine Fishel is Senior Program Officer at The Foundation Office at Fifth Third Bank, where she administers multiple charitable trusts and foundations, improves grantmaking processes, and trains coworkers. She has a passion for problem solving and . . . Read More

Mary Frank

Marketing Creative Content Strategist, Ministry Management

Mary Frank is a 30+ year resident of Cincinnati and has great joy in making a difference in the lives of others.  Losing her mother to a sudden death at the age of 16 and not having a relationship with her father, Mary spent 35+ years searching for . . . Read More

Bonnie Greenwood

Blog Administrator, Ministry Management, Website Administrator

Bonnie retired from her career after 30 years of sales and operations in the Electrical & Automation industry. She currently resides with her husband in Ohio. Her heart passion and joy are to follow God’s leading and to give her time in service. In . . . Read More

Rochelle Harkness

Financial Advisor, Ministry Management

Rochelle Harkness is a Senior Finance Manager, Vice President at Fifth Third Bank. Rochelle currently supports the Specialty Lending and Credit Solutions businesses within the Commercial Bank. Prior to joining Fifth Third Bank, she previously worked for . . . Read More

Linda LaMona

Bookkeeper, Ministry Management

Linda LaMona enjoyed a successful 39-year career in the non-profit arena starting as a bookkeeper for Goodwill organization in her hometown of Danville, Va. She attended Averett University and obtained a BS in Social Work. Linda also participated into . . . Read More

Wendy Lerner

Ministry Management, Planned Giving Advisor

Wendy Lerner currently resides in Metro Atlanta, is originally from Mississippi, and graduated from Mississippi State University with a BS in Accounting. She obtained her Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation before moving to Georgia. Wendy has . . . Read More

Sarah Lynn Wells

Blog Writer, Communications Team, Ministry Management, Podcast Administrator

I am a wife, mom of two little boys, and a former STEM educator. My world was turned upside down at 30 when I lost my mom unexpectedly. To say I was overwhelmed with a newborn at home was an understatement! I pushed my grief aside, but it appeared in . . . Read More