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Gladys Bell

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

It’s been 14 years since my mom died and equally long since I sat as a student of “The Journey,” a mere 6 months after losing her. It was painful but healing. The intervening years were fill with work and many other daily obligations as the healing . . . Read More

Johnda Buck

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

My mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was 6 years old and I became a caretaker for her.  She died just after my 12th birthday.  I outlived her several years ago and it wasn’t until I took the EAM class did I realize I had suffered emotional . . . Read More

Mary Ellen Collins

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

When I was 15, I lost my mother to breast cancer. Only when I was stricken with a severe illness in 1999 was I forced to examine how mother loss has affected my life. As a result of confronting the early loss of my mother, I developed and began the first . . . Read More

Cathy DiBella

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

My mother loss began at birth; she was there for me physically but emotionally left me empty. Because of this lack of emotional connection, I was very angry as a child and this continued as I became an adult. In 2004, I became so exhausted from being angry, . . . Read More

Laura Horn

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

My mother loss is three fold.  My father died in 1995 and my mother moved to Cincinnati.  I never really felt close to her and realized that part of that was because I never felt my mom was there for me as a child.  She was always busy but . . . Read More

Pat Kuykendoll

Facilitators & Group Leaders, Holistic Empowerment Leader

I encountered Motherless Daughters Ministry when seeking someone who could minister to a teen motherless daughter. I began to see the challenges that a teen might experience as I stood in the role as nurturer to a special teen in my life, a motherless . . . Read More


Facilitators & Group Leaders, Group Leader

My story involves emotional and physical mother losses. My mom is narcissistic and emotionally absent, but I was blessed with a loving, nurturing mother-in-law. Tragically, she died unexpectedly six months after my wedding. This short time gave me a taste of . . . Read More

Gloria Lin

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

My name is Gloria, and I am a child of God, child of immigrant parents, wife, mother and motherless daughter.  I love to spend my days mothering my two boys, investing in my marriage and running my small business. I also love to . . . Read More


Blog Writer, Communications Team, Facilitator

Adopted twice. Raised with an orphans heart. Rejection and abandonment felt like a plague on my life from the moment of conception. This ministry opened the door for me to see that the shackles I was wearing, I didn’t have to leave on. That release has . . . Read More

Leslie McIntosh

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

At five years old, I was standing in the mirror getting ready for kindergarten. My older sister was helping me. I remember that day because it was a day that would forever change my life. I knew my Mom was sick but I did not know until that day in front of . . . Read More

Jill McKinney

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

I grew up believing that I was a nuisance to my mother. She met my physical needs but was unable to meet any of my emotional needs - she couldn’t be bothered. I felt abandoned and ashamed, like there was something inherently wrong with me. I later learned . . . Read More

Julie Thompson

Facilitator, Facilitators & Group Leaders

Julie was 26 years old when she lost her mom to a 9 year battle with breast cancer. “Since I lost my mom as a young adult, it can be easy for me to focus on all the life events that my mom will miss. However, the Motherless Daughters Ministry has helped me . . . Read More