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Gladys Bell

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It’s been 14 years since my mom died and equally long since I sat as a student of “The Journey,” a mere 6 months after losing her. It was painful but healing. The intervening years were fill with work and many other daily obligations as the healing . . . Read More

Dr. Mary Ellen Collins

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When I was 15, I lost my mother to breast cancer. Only when I was stricken with a severe illness in 1999 was I forced to examine how mother loss has affected my life. As a result of confronting the early loss of my mother, I developed and began the first . . . Read More

Cathy DiBella

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My mother loss began at birth; she was there for me physically but emotionally left me empty. Because of this lack of emotional connection, I was very angry as a child and this continued as I became an adult. In 2004, I became so exhausted from being angry, . . . Read More

Laura Horn

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My mother loss is three fold.  My father died in 1995 and my mother moved to Cincinnati.  I never really felt close to her and realized that part of that was because I never felt my mom was there for me as a child.  She was always busy but . . . Read More

Pat Kuykendoll

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I encountered Motherless Daughters Ministry when seeking someone who could minister to a teen motherless daughter. I began to see the challenges that a teen might experience as I stood in the role as nurturer to a special teen in my life, a motherless . . . Read More


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My story involves emotional and physical mother losses. My mom is narcissistic and emotionally absent, but I was blessed with a loving, nurturing mother-in-law. Tragically, she died unexpectedly six months after my wedding. This short time gave me a taste of . . . Read More

Gloria Lin

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My name is Gloria, and I am a child of God, child of immigrant parents, wife, mother and motherless daughter.  I love to spend my days mothering my two boys, investing in my marriage and running my small business. I also love to . . . Read More

Jill McKinney

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I grew up believing that I was a nuisance to my mother. She met my physical needs but was unable to meet any of my emotional needs - she couldn’t be bothered. I felt abandoned and ashamed, like there was something inherently wrong with me. I later learned . . . Read More

Danyetta Najoli

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L. Danyetta Najoli is a professional coach who has practiced coaching for over 24 years. She attended the Journey Retreat in 2019 and was deeply moved by her experiences and by the relationships she formed with like-minded people in similar mother loss . . . Read More

Julie Thompson

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Julie was 26 years old when she lost her mom to a 9 year battle with breast cancer. “Since I lost my mom as a young adult, it can be easy for me to focus on all the life events that my mom will miss. However, the Motherless Daughters Ministry has helped me . . . Read More

Sarah Lynn Wells

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I am a wife, mom of two little boys, and a former STEM educator. My world was turned upside down at 30 when I lost my mom unexpectedly. To say I was overwhelmed with a newborn at home was an understatement! I pushed my grief aside, but it appeared in . . . Read More