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Information Technology - Board of Directors

Event Chair: Mary Ellen Collins


Time required: 3-5 hrs. per month

Time required: Our Board of Directors is a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to serving women who are motherless. We are a working board. The current structure of the board consists of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and other board members responsible for various functions in the ministry. it is an exciting time for the ministry. Our growth has demanded that we serve our customers in new and inventive ways. The operational word is transitions!

The board of Motherless Daughters Ministry is responsible for overseeing the mission and purpose of the organization. Its duties include participation in strategic planning and making policy decisions; securing financing for these decisions and monitoring their execution. Members must be willing to

  • attend the requisite meetings,
  • follow through on commitments,
  • participate fully in the decision-making process.
  • The board also presents the organization's image to the community and solicits its support in achieving the goals.
  • We expect our board members to commit to a 2-year term with consecutive terms permissible according to the bylaws,
  • attend and be active in scheduled Board meetings (in person, via phone or video conferencing)
  • Lead at least one team in the ministry.
  • Assist in selecting new board members and onboarding new board members.
  • Actively participate in annual Board self-evaluation

Position Description: This Board position is a voting member and will implement the overall strategic plan in relation to technology. You will create a strategic technology plan and oversee the technology direction for the ministry assisting the ministry to reach motherless daughters in new ways. This may include website management, social media, and other strategies. This board position will work collaboratively with the Board of Directors Marketing Position. You will help to determine and secure resources necessary to implement the plan

Preferred Areas of Experience: Information Technology, Data Analysis , Engineering, Project Management, Web design

When needed: As soon as possible

Start Date: To be determined 

End date: 2-year term with consecutive terms permissible according to the bylaws

How to apply: Please Complete the Board Application form and email to motherlessdaughtersministry@gmail.com

Contact person: Mary Ellen Collins, PhD

Information Technology - Board of Directors
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