Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother

In this 6-week class, we will be using the book Will I Ever Be Good Enough: Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers by Dr. Karyl McBride Ph.D.

We will work to instill an understanding and realization of your mother’s condition and the effects that her narcissism has had on your life. Narcissism is often rooted in family history. It is a life long struggle to break the bonds. This understanding empowers self-trust and self-acceptance of who you are today and that YOU are good enough.

Will I ever be good enough is not really a question but it is a judgment. It is a message that you may have received from your mother. It implies that we are not good enough and so what may happen is:

  • We judge ourselves and assume others are judging us critically
  • We are unsure of ourselves and may be
    • Oversensitive
    • Indecisive
    • Self conscious
    • Lack self trust
    • Have the inability to sustain relationships
    • Lack confidence
    • Have a sense of insecurity

Upcoming Class / Event:


October 15th – November 19th 2020

This is an online event.

7 PM – 9 PM

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