Motherless Daughters Ministry Facilitator Trainer

A Motherless Daughters Facilitator Trainer is a highly trained and skilled servant leader, who is responsible to help a new facilitator complete their practicum and to learn the nuances and methodologies of the ministry. She supports, encourages, provides feedback, and validates the readiness of new facilitators. She has met all of the qualifications as outlined below for this job description and is certified to use the Motherless Daughters materials that are provided for facilitating a Motherless Daughters class and practicum completion.


  • Completed the Motherless Daughters Journey, Journey Retreat, Emotionally Absent Mother, Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother.
  • Successfully completed the Facilitator Course.
  • Participated and successfully completed a practicum being part of a facilitation team for a Motherless Daughters Class.
  • Completed the post-practicum evaluation procedure.
  • Have facilitated a minimum of 1 course after the practicum.
  • Must have demonstrated excellent facilitation skills.
  • Must have a working knowledge of the Motherless Daughters Facilitator Materials and its use with a new facilitator.
  • Must have a working knowledge of group dynamics and be able to help the new facilitator assess the group.
  • Must think win-win and demonstrate an assertive communication style.
  • Must be accepting of other’s belief systems.


  • Represent the Motherless Daughters Ministry with professionalism and Christian love.
  • Functions as the coach, mentor, cheerleader, and evaluator of a new facilitator-in-training.
  • Reviews the pre-practicum prep questionnaire with the new facilitator.
  • Communicates weekly with the facilitator-in-training about their facilitation skills.
  • Provides coaching to assist in the development of the new facilitator.
  • Provide feedback about facilitation skills, process interventions, and facilitation characteristics after each class.
  • Helps to prepare the facilitator-in-training for each new class and assures they have a prominent role in each session.
  • Helps to equip the facilitator-in-training for their role as a Certified Motherless Daughters Ministry Facilitator.
  • Communicates with the Executive Director weekly or as agreed upon about the facilitator in training’s progress.
  • Completes the final 360 practicum evaluation and assesses the readiness to become a Certified Motherless Daughters Facilitator.
  • Maintains notes or journal during the practicum.
  • Submits all notes, evaluations, and journals after the final 360 practicum evaluation to the Director.

Commitment to the Ministry:

  • Agrees to function as a facilitator trainer with at least one practicum per year.