The Journey: Healing the Wounds of Mother Loss One Step at a Time (non-residential Retreat)

Have you ever felt that losing your mother was much more than a physical death or loss of nurturing? The emotional loss is almost as overpowering. Have you wondered if there are other women who feel the same way and long to connect to each other? You are Not Alone! Maybe you’ve never even talked about your mother loss experience because it’s just too painful or uncomfortable. Maybe you need to read on because, this is for YOU!

Let’s first start by defining a motherless daughter. A motherless daughter can be a woman who has experienced mother loss through death of her mother, either by early loss before her 20s or later loss after her 20s. A motherless daughter could be a woman who has experienced having a mother who may have quit nurturing her at an earlier age, and then she loses her mother again through death as an adult. This is defined as a double loss. A motherless daughter might be a woman who has a living mother but has never experienced her mother’s nurturing care. Which one of these defines you?

This is your time to:

  • Be affirmed
  • Feel loved
  • Have some time to quiet yourself and reflect 
  • Begin your healing journey

This retreat focuses on mother loss & its effect on your life, how her absence shapes your identity, influences your style of mothering and relationships, how your grief surfaces throughout your lifetime, and how you experience living beyond your mother’s final years. This could literally change your life. Are you ready?

The retreat searches for understanding of:

  • How the absence of a mother’s nurturing hand shapes a woman’s identity
  • How present-day relationships are shaped by past losses
  • How mother loss influences our style of mothering
  • How the grief of mother loss surfaces throughout our lifetime
  • How we experience living beyond our mother’s final years

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