The Road to Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a journey. Ever wonder why you keep forgiving the same thing or person over and over? It maybe you really have not understood what you really need to forgive. What are your losses? How did the losses affect your life?  Each time we lose something, it changes who we are. Our identity is different. Each loss forges a new road to forgiveness. When you can become clearer about what you need to forgive, the road becomes straighter. Each loss plays a central part of being alive and to avoid loss is to avoid being alive.

This course focuses on the following objectives:

  • Identifying the top 3 losses that still affect you today.
  • Identifying when they happened, how these losses changed your life, your feelings, and your reactions to these losses.
  • Feeling the pain associated with these loses.
  • Understanding the unfamiliar territory of the grief process.
  • Creating a journal related to feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and outcomes of anger.
  • Identifying the issues, events, and emotions that you have been holding on to in regards to your loss and making a decision about what you want to do with these.
  • Begin to forge a new identity as you peel back the layers of who you are.
  • Create a memorial to your loss.
  • Identify and seek out persons who may be companions on your journey.
  •  Discover new parts of yourself that you might miss if you were to walk alone.

We will be using the book  LOSE, LOVE, LIVE  by Dan Mosely. 

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