Testimonies are personal statements of women who have participated in the Motherless Daughters Ministry and how it has affected their life.

LM (Emotionally Absent Mother)

Sharing in the Motherless Daugers group was healing and validating. I learned I am not alone and there is power in feeling support. I learned that boundaries are healthy and necessary. I learned through troubled times God brings amazing people to walk beside me. I learned gratitude is extremely important. Especially when it is difficult. I am grateful for the Motherless Daughters Ministry.

Anonymous (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

This class has helped me see the narcissistic traits of my sister and others. I this helped me to have a better understanding why my sister (my mother!) has these traits. Although I hate that I can’t have a real relations with my sister, I can have a more forgiving attitude toward her. And my expectations can lessen. This class has helped me see I am separate from her, and I do not have to identify myself with her. It has also helped me to recognize my narcissistic traits. I can be aware of my actions an behaviors in order to stop the pattern.

L (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

Motherless Daughters Ministry has impacted my life in many different ways. Since attending the Journey Retreat, I have been able to allow myself to claim mu my mother because I have found validation as a motherless daughter. I have been able to grow and learn and I have met amazing women that I have come to love.

LM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

I have truly enjoyed this class. It was eye-opening and validating. Mary Ellen and Cathy provided a warm inviting and safe place to share our hearts and stories. I know I have more work and wrestling to do in terms of the relationship with my mom, but this class has given me the spring board to dive in with greater compassion and understanding.

J (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

God’s timing was perfect as always. I needed this class, was open to hear the truth. It was a comfort to be with women who understood, who could relate and with Mary Ellen and Cathy who loved me through it. The guilt that accompanied my thoughts about my mom was wiped away. I am entitled to my own thoughts and feelings and I was given grace to express them. I am very grateful.

JM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

This class has shown me that it was my mom’s inability to love that was the issue, not that I was unloveable. It showed me who I was apart from her — an individual not my mom. It showed me it’s ok to work on myself — I deserve it.

LT (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother)

“This is a safe place to discuss “bad mommy issues, conduct and behaviors. Thank you.

ST (The Journey)

My journey began a lifetime ago, when I was only an adolescent The loss of my mother at 16 was devastating. The Motherless Daughters Journey helped me to understand that although my head had completed what it needed to fully grieve, my heart had not found a way to accept all that happened to me as a result of my loss.

Through the love and compassion of this Journey, I was able to walk along the path I had chosen for my life, and better understand my choices and decisions I had made along the way. Over my lifetime, I experienced a lot more heartache, suffering. and losses. The other women in the class helped me to feel more understood and less alone. They listened to my story without judgment. I appreciated having the fellowship of these women. We are sisters now, and my heart is overflowing.

I know that even after all these years, I am still a work in progress. I am grateful that I gave my life to Christ a number of years ago because I believe He led me to this Motherless Daughters Journey. I am thankful for this ministry and the healing that it has brought to so many of us!

JM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

I am so grateful for this class and how God has used it to help me find who I am apart from my mom. I learned that I am a separate valuable individual. I now know that my mom’s narcissistic issues have nothing to do with me and that it was not my job to fix her or anyone else, for that matter. I have come to a place of acceptance, no longer looking to her for my identity or for the love that she could not give. God’s love is enough and He has proven that through the people and the facilitators in this class.

I felt a kinship with the women in the group. Our stories were not exactly the same but the effects of their relationships with their moms and/or mom figures were so similar. It was such a comfort knowing I was not alone in this, that there are others who felt as I did and who could relate to my pain. Walking through these classes and exercises with them has solidified my belief that God can provide love and healing through relationships and I need not be afraid. I am grateful for this safe place to express my hurt knowing I was understood.

The facilitators did an amazing job leading us through the process. They diverted our attention from our mother’s view of us to how God sees us – as children He loves, as the unique women that he created us to be. They helped us see who we really are, not who we were told we were by our moms who could not see us at all. I am so grateful for their insight and leadership. I know I still have work to do and it may be a long road ahead but I can walk it with hope and a belief that this is God’s path to wholeness. I would recommend this class to anyone who deals with the effects of a narcissistic mother.

LM (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

Since taking the Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class I look at myself and situations differently. I have learned coping strategies in times of intense emotion. The exercises at times were scary, hard, painful and uncomfortable but in the end very helpful. It has given me clarity and the ability to accept and validate my feelings, and it has given me tools to move forward and release baggage. It gave me a safe place to be vulnerable. It has opened up better conversation with my therapist.