Testimonies are personal statements of women who have participated in the Motherless Daughters Ministry and how it has affected their life.

Alicia G. (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

I’m so glad I was able to be in a group setting with some amazing women despite what we all have been through. I absolutely loved this class. It helped me out in so many ways. First of all, it helped me realize and be truthful to myself about feeling what I was dealing with. It also brought out so many emotions and how to try to deal with those emotions.

By taking this class, it was a start on a very important path on my way to healing. I am so grateful to have experienced this. Now I know how to deal with my feelings. It helped me learn and understand my mom better and to be patient with her and to try to work with her. This was a safe place – judgement free zone.

Freda (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

The biggest discovery I have realized is that the missing puzzle piece to my brain processing has been identified. It helps me to drill down to the root cause, to be able to stop and redirect my thinking. I would blow it off and chalk it up to my incompetence and bow tie it with negative self-talk.

Sally (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

When I came to this, I learned that my sister and I are not alone. Others have lived this same or similar frustration of unmet expectations from their moms. The class has helped me see why I do some of the things I do. It has helped me think about my own mothering and how I want to be intentional about being a good mom. I have learned some tools for healing my wounded heart.

Pam (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

One of the greatest things I learned in this class is that I am not alone in the mother loss experience. It has helped me be more courageous and vulnerable as I heard other women candidly share their stores. This class has helped me to explore the whys behind some areas of struggle in my life. It has been a time of uncovering childhood roots to problems I experience now as an adult. Finding the root is step one on the journey to resolving the issue.

As I’ve looked at my childhood experience with my mom, I’ve grieved, I’ve been angry, I’ve cried, and I’ve released a mix of anxiety and emotions and have come to experience greater peace. I’ve made progress and there is still more progress to be made. I’ve embraced that healing is a process and that any progress is to be celebrated.  Life is a journey to be lived on day at a time.

MCC (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

I did a lot of healing with the therapy work I’ve done for several years, but I am still struggling to stay happy and simply feel OK each day. The Emotionally Absent Mother class opened my eyes to a much deeper level of hurt, heartache and loss that I’ve been carrying around with me my whole life. Even though I had a mom while growing up, she was only a faint presence in my childhood due to illness, injury and depression. This class made me realize how deep this emotional neglect goes and how badly it affected me. The small, intimate environment of the class enabled me to share my experience in a safe, supportive environment with others who knew exactly how I felt.  A bonding takes place with the others in the class, allowing you to take a look at the closed-off section of your heart, where the hurt hides. The class leaders know so much and have so much experience with this; they have great suggestions and insights for all types of situations. The class gave me a good start on processing just how much I was emotionally neglected as a child, how it affected me and how to hopefully begin healing.

JP (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

I feel this class has opened my eyes to a new me. I was able to truly talk about my past with others who truly understand what it’s like to grow up in a home with an emotionally absent mother and not feel judged . I’ve never met anyone besides my sisters who have experienced the same pain as me. Through the exercises and through reading the book I have grown tremendously. I’ve gained more wisdom and know that there is a better and more encouraging life out there and I don’t need my mother to change in order to receive this love. I hope I continue to grow and continue to help others along the way.

BCC (Emotionally Absent Mother Class)

This class has been a very positive experience for me. I was reassured and validated that I was not crazy growing up. I know I am not alone in this journey. Other have walked in these same shoes, some had experiences were worse and some better. It is time to leave the past behind and forgive my mom. I realize she probably was a motherless daughter also. I also see her issues were hers and not mine! I wish I had found this ministry in my 20’s. I wonder how my life would of been different. I plan to live the rest of my life to its fullest.

Sherry (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

This class has given me HOPE, and a positive direction in life. I have learned to broaden my outlook . . . to understand that there are many, many more facets to life than I had understood previously.

It has been helpful to hear others’ stories, to understand that many people have dealt with dysfunction even worse than mine. I realize that we are all a selfish, broken people and God’s love and inspiration is sometimes the only thing that can carry us out of the brokenness of our lives and into a blessed, hopeful sight of better days to come.

This class has allowed me to see my potential in life! I pray that God would allow me to realize my fullest potential, to grow into and become all that HE means for me to be. The future is bright and exciting because of HIS love and faithfulness.  HE can take the tough stuff of my past life and help me to do good all for His kingdom.

Katie (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

I have learned a lot about myself and the relationship I had with my mother. Sharing our stories in the class has given me the strength to work on leaving the past behind. I have better communication with my children. I am now looking forward to what the future holds for me. And I will accept any challenges along the way.  I am a fighter!

Pam (Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother Class)

I am in a constant state of awe at how the Lord has protected and provided for me growing up the way I did.  The fact that a class so specific to my exact needs is offered at my church right when I needed it is nothing short of divine. We were created for community and this ministry has created a community for motherless daughters who felt alone and unwanted.  I am especially grateful to Mary Ellen who obediently tended to Jesus’ flock who were broken and without a voice.  I am also grateful for Cathy for her gentleness and advice.  This class has given me tools I can actually use.