Random and Profound Thoughts

By: Cindy Stepanek


Zechariah 2

In this chapter God is calling the exiled Israelite s back to build the temple in Jerusalem so that God may protect them and dwell among them. It sounds like a pretty easy request but not everyone came when He called. Why? I am pretty sure it wasn’t a great place to live if I compare to living in the presence of God or His blessings. Why wouldn’t they drop everything and run? Personally this holds a powerful question that repeats throughout my life and I continue to struggle with on a daily basis.

Do I trust God enough to care for me and bless me if I step out in faith and follow Him? If I am honest I have to say this is a battle.The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing. How will He provide for me? How does this look when played out in my life? Will there be pain in this growth process? AmI so comfortable in my own misery or success that I choose to stay where I am? I will be honest; sometimes I think it appears easier to stay frozen where I am instead of forcing myself to take the first step of faith into what God is calling me to do or who He is calling me to be.

My One
I cannot be afraid of a God who is ready and waiting for me to take the first step.

My Five
I am thankful for my husband’s support and help preparing for the volunteer appreciation dinner.
I am thankful that he is employed.
I am thankful that for the first time in years I heard my brother laugh a real laugh and was able to laugh with him. God is so good.
I am thankful the brakes didn’t go out on my car and that they will be fixed today.
I am thankful that God shows me ways to be appreciative of my husband everyday and all day.

What 5 things are you thankful for?

Dear Lord,
Thank you for always being there and being prepared when I step out in faith to follow you? Please help me to trust you and to be faithful in all things at all times. Love me.

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