Random and Profound Thoughts

By: Cindy Stepanek

Zechariah 11:12

I don’t know if verse 12 is prophesying the betrayal of Jesus but for me it does. In Matthew 26:15, Judas agrees to betray Jesus for the same 30 pieces of silver that Zechariah is paid. Exodus 21:32, determines that the price of a slave will be 30 pieces of silver. The concept of setting a numerical value on a human life is beyond my comprehension but I know it still happens today. (A little bit of useless knowledge: The average price of a slave worldwide is $90. In 2014 ISIS set the price of female slaves at $43-172, depending on their age.) Even more unbelievable is that in one flippant, greedy decision, Judas sold Jesus and his soul for 30 pieces of silver.

Thirty pieces of silver is a very small price to pay for one life. In reality the silver could be replaced with anything that steals our heart away from Jesus. This shows me how little Satan values us once he lures us into his web of deceit. It also shows me how much Jesus loves us because he allowed himself to be sold for the price of a lowly slave, be beaten, humiliated and die the death of a criminal all for me and people like me.

This gives me another perspective in my personal life. Sometimes it seems like it would be much easier to do anything but the right things. The consequences can look devastating and going the other way can look so appealing. If I look at the situation from a different perspective, Satan’s ways do not look so alluring. Why would I want to follow someone that values my soul at the price of a slave, only to be discarded when I am no longer useful? My choice to do the right thing may be painful and inconvenient, but it was surely painful and inconvenient for Christ to leave Heaven and come here to save me. When I think of it from this perspective the answer is clear.

My One
I cannot be afraid of a God who gives more value on me than the price of a slave.

My Five
I am thankful that I was able to work in the garden yesterday.
I am thankful that I know how to grill food.
I am thankful for continued healing.
I am thankful for a great class yesterday.
I am thankful for warm days, cool nights and open windows.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for another perspective. Even more thank you for believing that I am worthy of your sacrifice. I will be honest; when I look at my life I have to ask, “What were you thinking?” But then I realize that through out time you have repeatedly had a heart for the lost, the least and the unwanted. The only ones you turn your back on are the ones that have chosen to walk away from you. Thank you for continuing to reveal yourself to me as I seek to know you more. Love me.

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