The Choice

By: Cindy Stepanek

I am very blessed to have my youngest daughter edit my blog articles for me. Every now and then she will ask questions that make my heart sing. I recently sent a blog for her to check. She returned it with one of her “Lexi Questions.”

“Mom, I have a question. In your prayer at the end you said, “The only ones you turn your back on are the ones that have chosen to walk away from you.” Why would God or Jesus turn their back on those that have walked away from God & Jesus? It just doesn’t make sense with what you have always said, that He is all loving and caring. I know that in the Bible Jesus says, “If you deny me, then I will deny you before my Father.” But does that mean, God & Jesus will stop caring, loving, and protecting those that have walked away? If so, then how is He so loving and caring?”

I knew this was a phone call and not an email question. I called her and assured her I was glad she asked. “Great question. I actually asked that myself at one time. It took a while for me to understand it. I will do my best to explain but you may not like the answer.”

Lexi responded, “Thanks mom, I didn’t know if it sounded disrespectful.”

My heart overflowed with love for my child searching for answers, “I want you to ask; this is how you find your faith. You can’t just drink the Kool-Aid® that others tell you and expect it to hold up under pressure.”

I could tell she was sincere as she answered, “Thanks mom.”

“As I read through the Old Testament, I learned that God always told the Israelites what He expected from them. He told them the consequences of their actions. He let them know when they were in trouble. He told them what they were doing wrong and gave them the opportunity to change their hardened hearts and repent. They chose not to change; instead they chose the consequences. That is how a loving parent cares for their child. Does this part make sense so far?”

I could tell she was listening as she said, “Okay, that makes sense.”

“God gave us the free will to choose a relationship with Him or to walk away. If we choose to walk away we lose the blessings and protections that come with that relationship. God doesn’t chase after us, begging us to choose Him. He loves us enough to allow us the freedom to choose. We can’t have our cake and eat it too. Does that answer your question?”

“Yeah, thanks mom. I never thought of it like that.” In that amazing moment, I knew that when she found her faith it would be rock solid. Her relationship with Jesus will be unshakable.

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