Random and Profound Thoughts

By: Cindy Stepanek

Matthew 8:23-27

Take Your Eyes Off Jesus

The Sea of Galilee is actually the largest fresh water lake in Israel. It is approximately 13 miles long by 7 miles wide by 150 feet deep, and the shoreline is 650 ft. below sea level. According to some sources, it is known for unpredictable storms with waves up to 20 feet. Four of the 12 disciples were seasoned fishermen, but they panicked along with the other 8 men. This must have been a pretty horrific storm. Then there is the sharp contrast of Jesus peacefully sleeping through the storm.

My life is filled with storms; I think all of our lives are. Sometimes it feels like many storms are raging at the same time, my ship is about to break apart and I will drown, never to be found again. In those times, I find myself afraid and panicked like the disciples. I am often unwilling to take my eyes off the storm and focus on the peace and calmness of Jesus. It is so much easier to focus on what I see with my eyes than the fact I am in the presence of Jesus. It is much simpler to think about what could happen instead of the promises of the Lord and His proven track record.

I dare you to join me as I take my eyes off the storm and place them on Jesus.

My One

I cannot be afraid of a God who is the calm in the storm.

Would you like to share one reason you are not afraid of God?

My Five

I am thankful for lunch with my friend Rosalie.
I am thankful for dinner with Jeff.
I am thankful his doctor’s appointment went well.
I am thankful he is able to work in the yard again.
I am thankful he is able to ride the lawn mower again. He looks so happy buzzing through the yard.

Feel free to share what you are thankful for.

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