One Drop at a Time

By: Cindy Stepanek

I was looking out the window at last night’s dew on the garden when I noticed a drop precariously hanging from the bottom of a jalapeno pepper, sparkling in the sun light. I was mesmerized; I had to take a closer look. Wanting to capture this moment in time, I tried to take the perfect picture. Unsuccessful, my thoughts moved onto the dewdrops on the leaves just above the pepper. The leaf’s dusty dull appearance from the night before was now a glossy green. The heavy dew from the night had washed the leaves and left behind perfect glistening drops on the top of the leaf. Watching the dewdrops follow the shape of the plant and roll to the waiting soil below, I was reminded how God doesn’t waste anything; not one tiny drop.

Smiling, I was reminded that every aspect of our life is used to the greatest potential, even our failures. Continuing to watch one drop after another fall to the ground below, I was able to see how spending time with God had the same effect as the dew on the plants. Spending time with God is like the dew washing the dust and stress of the day away. It clears my head so that I am able to drink in His word, nourishing me like the dewdrops that fall onto the soil watering the plant.

How will you spend time with God today?

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