Random and Profound Thoughts

By: Cindy Stepanek

Just Leave

Matthew 12:15-16

I admit I am a people pleaser, and I confess that I also have problems setting boundaries. I think there is a deep desire in all of us to be wanted and liked by others.

I sometimes find myself doing what I call the “crazy dance.” It begins with realizing that someone doesn’t like me. I then use my talents to help those people with the hope of showing them I am a “good” person and worthy of their affection.

In verse 16 Jesus shows me how to set healthy boundaries. Not only did Jesus leave but he also took His talents and blessings with him. Notice that He only healed those that followed him. He didn’t heal those that didn’t follow him.

Verse 16 helps me realize that when I leave I need to take all of me, not just my emotional involvement. It gives me permission to set these boundaries because that is the way Jesus did it.

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