Random and Profound Thoughts

By: Cindy Stepanek

Lies, All Lies

Matthew 12:17-21

Isaiah prophesied about Jesus saying, He was the chosen one, God delighted in Him and God put His spirit in Jesus. (vs. 18)

This has made me do some serious soul searching, because my first response was, “I want to be loved like that.” What would make me think such a thing when I know I am loved just the way I need to be loved? I don’t think that is the real question.

I think there is a much deeper issue. I find myself no different than Eve when she went back to the tree in Genesis 3:1 when Satan said, “Did God really say…” The end of the sentence is different, but the outcome is the same. I find myself doubting that God could really love me. The amazing part of the story is that no matter how many times Satan is standing next to me flashing his mirror of lies before my eyes, Jesus is always there too. He whispers the truth. Just like Eve, I have the choice to choose who I listen to. Who will you choose to listen to today?

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