By My Side

By: Julie Thompson

When you left this world
You took a part of me
But now you’re home
Now you’re free
And I’m learning how
To get by
Without you by my side

I think of you
Every single day
Your absence has left me
Forever changed
I feel incomplete
I must confide
Without you by my side

Holding on to memories
Making new ones without you
Reminds me that time is a gift
Love should motivate all we do
Look for blessings in the moments
That so quickly pass us by
I miss you by my side

Even when my heart feels broken
It still has love for you
God has given me peace
And strength to continue
The promise of eternity
Brings hope to my life
One day we’ll be reunited and you’ll be by my side

Until then I live in the space between
Trusting God to carry me
On this journey
Filled with love and memories
The longer we’re apart
The more I realize
What a blessing it was to have you by my side

Julie wrote this to her mom, who passed away after a 9 year battle with breast cancer. To read more about Julie’s journey of mother loss, click here.

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