Times Are Changing

By: Karen Alexander-Doyel (Guest Blogger)

Have you noticed that the world around us is changing moment by moment?  It seems some of the biggest changes in my lifetime have happened in the past few years.

Does your cell phone take pictures, send texts, receive emails, play music, and identify callers with photos and on and on?  For some of you this is no big deal because this is your generation of technology, but believe me, these are amazing things for those of us with a few years on our bodies.

With all the new inventions or what our world calls advancements, it would seem logical that we would be more at peace and more secure than ever before. Is that true in your life? Do those around you seem happier, content, fulfilled and living with purpose?

Despite all the things that we have to make our lives easier or more efficient, I am noticing a trend as I meet with women all over our country. These women are experiencing more stress and frustration than ever before. I am hearing of depression that is drowning women from state to state. What is going on?

In this rapidly changing world, we must remember as God brings women into our lives, there is only one true anchor. New technology, policies, leaders, and toys will change, and as Christians we have the foundation we need to handle the changes, but the changes themselves cannot be that foundation. In Job 38:4 God asks the question, “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?”

The Word of God is what we need. God’s Word is our comfort, guide, hope, wisdom, peace and answer for everything. We come into the presence of our God through His word.

As technology advances, it seems we are not less busy, but more busy. It may be easy to spend more time on those wonderful cell phones, in front of that computer, or reading on that new kindle, all the while avoiding listening to God through His word. Yet, God tells us in Isaiah to “Hear O heavens! Listen, O earth!  For the Lord has spoken.”  He reminds us to “Hear the word of the Lord.” “Listen to the law of our God.”

Our world needs God’s word to stabilize it. You need God’s word to stabilize you. Stay in the word and remind those around you that God’s word is eternal and stands forever!

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