Happy Anniversary to Us

By: Mary Ellen Collins

Last month was an anniversary of sorts. It marks the date the we succeeded. God chased me for many years, telling me what He wanted, and like so many in the old Testament, I ran, I hid, I ignored and quarreled with Him. I said “No.” Said I wasn’t interested and made a million excuses why I couldn’t do His work.

Well, I learned He does pursue you. At one point, I had many interests filling my days, to squeeze in one more was just not possible. Slowly but surely, I warmed to His plan. I began working with motherless daughters.

Then He laid the big one on me. He said, I want all of you. “What? What about teaching college?” All of you. “What about the shoe ministry I helped to create?” All of you. Not just a portion. Not just a tithe. All of you. My next excuse was, “I don’t know what I am doing!” I will equip you. But . . . but . . .but. . .  That dialogue with God started in the year 2000 and continued as I struggled learning, teaching, and helping women who were broken from their mother loss.

Then the real biggie was laid upon me as I was walking the beaches in Florida, de-stressing, and chilling out in 2010. Talking with God as I usually do, He told me, “I want MY ministry to be a nonprofit organization for women all over the world to loosen their strongholds from mother loss and feel My love.”  That is when the real fear set in. I told God, “I don’t know how.” I will equip you. “I am too old.” I will give you stamina and energy to do My work.  “I, I, I, . . . “

Well, don’t argue with the Master. Fast forward. It is 2017. The MDM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. We do reach women all over the world. We are loosening the strongholds that women have from mother loss. We have pioneered a ministry to give hope to women who have rarely had a voice to unearth their deepest sorrow from losing a mother.

Our 17th year of ministering to motherless daughters begins. A new Board of Directors begins their work to make God’s words ring true, and bring the Motherless Daughters Ministry into new territory.

Thank you Lord for choosing (well chasing) me,

Your Humble Servant

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