When Our Stories Connect Us

We began the weekend as strangers, but left as friends and sisters in Christ.

From the outside looking in, it wouldn’t appear that we have much in common. Some of us are young adults. Others are grandmothers. Some of us are single. Others are married. Some of us do not have children. Others respond to little ones calling them “Mom” on a daily basis. Some of us live in the area. Others traveled great distances.

Despite our differences, we quickly bonded because of a common thread in our stories: All of us have experienced mother loss.

Loss often causes people to isolate themselves, but this time it brought us together at the Motherless Daughters Ministry Journey Retreat.

The Journey Retreat is a chance for motherless daughters to learn about the effects of mother loss and how to handle grief as it appears throughout our lives. We also learn how a mother’s absence shapes our identity and how it influences our style of mothering and our relationships.

Some of our mothers have passed away, while others have living mothers but do not experience nurture and care from them. Our stories of loss are different, but we all miss having a loving mother.  

At the retreat, those of us who were leaders first shared our stories of mother loss, and then we listened as the participants bravely shared their stories. We were no longer strangers once we knew each others’ stories.

Our hearts broke for one another, yet at the same time our hearts started to heal.

Instead of ignoring our grief, we expressed it.

Instead of pushing others away, we allowed others into our pain.  

Instead of feeling alone in our grief, we finally felt understood.

Throughout the weekend, we honestly shared our emotions and opened up about other struggles and parts of our lives. Being vulnerable will often give others the courage to be vulnerable.

We supported, listened, encouraged, comforted, and prayed for one another. We laughed with one another. We cried with one another. We gave each other permission to grieve and to be authentic.

And then we watched as God fulfilled His promise from Psalm 147:3 – “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”

Sharing our brokenness in a safe and loving community allows God to use our stories in a powerful way.

Even though we’ve experienced mother loss, we found healing and hope.

It’s available for you too.

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We would love for you to join us at our next Motherless Daughters Ministry Journey Retreat.

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