The Writer Within

By: Mary Ellen Collins

Dear You,

YES, I SAID YOU!  LISTEN UP.  IT IS TIME.  PICK UP THAT PEN AND JUST START.  YOU HEARD ME – JUST DO IT!  The orders are barked at me loud and clear.  Who is this talking to me?

This is the kick start I needed.  An inner writer to push me into getting started.  Shall I name her?  How about Maude, you know like in the Golden Girls.  She shall be hence forth known at Maude the Maven.  That way when I shout at her I can call her by name.

I never was a great student when it came to writing.  I would avoid English Composition at all costs.  My punctuation sucks.  Thank God for things like the Grammerly App.  What I would have given to have this 50 years ago.  But then computers were not invented in the dark ages.  I just needed a Maude whispering in my ear back then.  Through the years and in my post graduate education, I did write lots of really good professional papers, but this is different.  This is from the heart.  So why do I want to write now?

I guess the simplest reason is that I have a lot to say and I want to share this with the world.  Sounds kind of arrogant, doesn’t it?  And yet this is really true.  Never ever did I dream that I would want to do this.  Maude is yelling at me, “JUST GET STARTED.”  OK, OK, HERE IT GOES!

18 years ago, I founded the Motherless Daughters Ministry for those who had lost or missed the nurturing care of a mother.  These women had either lost a mother through death or absence.  Some had deceased mothers.  Others had living mothers.  Over those 18 years I have cried with, been blessed by, and have learned from them.  I have grown more and more knowledgeable in the grief journey for motherless women.  18 years!  Now it is time to share what I have learned with the world.

So many topics to talk about –

  • What is it like to experience mother loss at different ages?
  • How does loss at different ages look like in an adult?
  • The stories, oh yes, the stories. They need to be told.
  • Parenting – how does mother loss affect being a parent?
  • How does mother loss shape a woman?
  • What happens in relationships?
  • Different ways a woman becomes motherless – sudden loss, trauma, early loss, later loss
  • The words a motherless daughter never got to say.

These are just a few questions I need to write about.  The topics bombard me from all sides.  Sorting them will be challenging.  There is so much to share.

And what can you do for me?

  • Keep me accountable to you
  • Ask me, “Where’s the book?”
  • Pray for me that I am guided to speak to you words that are healing.

YES, YES, I hear you Maude.  JUST BEGIN!

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You go girl!!! Go for it!!! It’ll be great!!! You’ll bless so many more women!!!! Don’t give up!!!

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