You Were There

By: Julie Thompson

You were there
at the beginning
from my very first breath
when my eyes opened to see
the loving family you gave me.

You were there
in the room
when my innocence was lost
your heart broke at the sight
you comforted me through the dark nights.

You were there
at the parties
when we celebrated life
joy and laughter filled the air
surrounded by people who care.

You were there
by her side
when she took her last breath
and her eyes opened to see
the beauty of heaven and eternity.

You were there
when I expressed
my anger and doubt
when I questioned your plan
you helped me to understand.

You are here
when I’m triggered
and the memories return
some happy, some sad, some bittersweet
but my heart continues to beat.

You were there
Every moment
Even when I couldn’t see
Because you loved me.

You are here
Every moment
Even when I can’t see.
Because you still love me.

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