Getting Out

By: Marisa Saenz (Guest Blogger)

When I was younger, I remember the times when my mom would gather all my sisters and I up and head out for a drive. We had no idea where our mom was taking us, all we knew was that it was going to be an adventure. We thought the purpose of this “drive,” was to cause discontent among us sisters. To mom, the drive was an excellent time to reflect on her day, get away from the house, and be in a peaceful area. Being able to enjoy some food, take some time to play, have fun, and experience happiness, was a bonus for everyone!

We lived in the Bay Area, so going to the beach was essential for fun. It was a wonderful time to experience that area. There were 23,000 people living in the township where we lived in the 1980’s. During that period, California was very green, robust, full of life, and produced grain, nuts, milk, cows, fruit, and vegetables. California had everything….plus the beaches.  It seemed, California was the land of opportunity.

When mom would take us to the beaches, most of that drive would be nothing but beautiful farmland. She would roll down the car windows, drive as fast as she could, (of course, anything over 30 miles an hour seemed fast.), and the radio was not turned on. It was just mom, the fresh air, and us sisters. What a concept.  Especially in today’s world where we are constantly attached to a device.

We would usually spend about three or four hours at the beach, waiting until the sun would set. At which point, mom would gather us together; usually we would watch it together.

Sand between our toes, watching the sun sink into the ocean.

Then she would say, “Okay girls…let’s go. It’s getting dark. We have to get home. I still have to make dinner.”

Getting out is so important for so many reasons. It helps to reset or recharge the inner self and understand a new perspective.

“Now our knowledge is partial and incomplete, and even the gift of prophecy reveals only part of the whole picture.” 1 Corinthians 13:9 (NLT)

God graces us with the “devices” which He has made with His Divine Love. Take time for yourself by allowing yourself to put down that “device,” whatever it maybe, and enjoy God’s love.


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