Not Alone

By: Cestiny Crowther

Typically, when I write, my words are related to something I am feeling or thinking. Other times, they are related to how someone expressed their feelings to me. This particular poem is my reaction to a friend who swore to me that he was already too far gone and that God gave up on him a long time ago for all the mistakes he has made. His blinders were on and he couldn’t see how much he is loved, by God and by his friends and family. I wrote this poem to let him know he is not alone in those feelings and to hopefully give him another way of viewing the situation.

You must know it deep inside,
Within fear is where deceit hides.
Bring the darkness out into the light,
God will remove it all from your sight.

You are not alone, you do not need to fear,
Just pray and surrender – God will draw near.
He loves you, and does not want you to feel pain,
Life is a gift, you’re meant to feel love, not shame.

Hear my words, I believe are from Him,
He wants you to know the truth about the sin.
Pull down the stronghold, and be free from the lie,
Turn away from the dark, and come back to the light.

I say none of this in judgment, only with love for you,
I don’t know if you understand how much God loves you.
Though you’ve made many mistakes, I don’t want you to sink,
I will not be your Savior, but God has allowed me to be your link.

Don’t give up hope, and hand over to God your worry,
Eventually you will see the truth, as these fears you bury.
You have been captured by a vice-grip meant to destroy you,
Satan’s thick web of lies and destruction; not one bit of it is true.

See it for what it is, and make the choice to finally let it all go,
We have to die to self, day in and day out, for good to freely flow.
We must give of ourselves, and fully let go of all self-righteousness.
Jesus wants to be our number one, He will not settle for second best.

Cestiny (written in November 2013) For more poetry by Cestiny click here

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