By Marisa Saenz

“How can you be so bold to help others when you have so many issues yourself?”, says the critical voice inside my head.

Lately, I have had a difficult time with motivation. Whenever I start a project, whether it’s going to the store, reading of favorite book, watching a movie, or even doing housework, there are difficulties completing the tasks.

This isn’t like me! Why is this happening?


Apparently, the time table for healing from my mom’s death and reality are two different universes. Life can be very uneasy when grieving, it has kept me on an emotional roller coaster.

So here I am in the process. Like the little kid in kindergarten class. No parents, and all the rest of the kids are new, too.

How do I stay motivated in my life?

Motivation is a powerful word. I looked up the word recently, and it stated:

“Motivation is the reason for peoples’ actions, willingness, and goals. Motivation is derived from the word motive which is defined, as a need that requires satisfaction.”

Being able to reflect in silence, solitude, and simplicity is how I hear the answer. Although letting go can be difficult, it also helps me to grow in other areas my life.

In today’s world, even the craft of storytelling is an art. Something that is sought after in paper, online, spoken, video, or picture.

Today I ask myself these simple questions:

  • What is my motivation?
  • Where is the solitude, silence, and simplicity in my life?
  • When is the best moment of the day?

Live for the moment, if the day is too long!

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I need your prayers and wisdom. My son and his wife are expecting our 1st grandchild. We moved near them this year to besupportive and bc we had mo family at our prior home. I have a great relationship with my daughter-in-law. She is like a daughter to me. She and my son are expecting our 1st grandchild soon. But i recently experienced a strong trigger. As my DIL prepares for the birth and the ensuing life afterward I see that she is leaming most on her own mother. I know this is the natural order of things but i am reacting in 2 different ways. 1. I feel left out, she aaid her mom might spend the 1st few weeks at their house to help keep things orderly. It’s triggering my mother loss. Mom diedcwhen i was 10. I didn’t get to have those moments with her and now I don’t get to be as close with my son and wife as i would like. It’s triggering the loss, my mom wasn’t there when i needed her when zi was having children. Watching my DIL and her mom having that bond is painful. I hate this feeling. I have come so far in my journey, it feels like a setback. All is as it should be with DIL and her mom. I know that MIL’s often take the back seat. Emotionally this is a double whammy. Please pray that I will cast all my cares on Him and that I will trust Him. Your words of wisdom would be most welcomed!

Grief and grieving is a path not too many people take, especially young children. Your strength has helped you through life. If you are faithful, I find that prayer helps.
Remember that you are human, give your room to grow.
Praying for you everyday that God give you strength.

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