Reclaim Your True Identity

I wrote this poem last year in response to a conversation I had with someone who was feeling insecure in her relationship. She was struggling with wanting to hold on to modesty yet wanting to put effort into her looks to see if it would make things better between them. She said the poem helped her and that I should share. It is not in a book yet but may end up in the 2nd of the Journey To Forever series. Hope it helps someone today.


Should we take care of our bodies, oh yes we should.

Should we care to feel like “hotties” for our men – oh, yes, we should.

The issue begins when we chase twenty pounds down the scale and then obsess as we chase …. just ten more.

Relentlessly shedding weight without adding true confidence to our core.

Comparison is foolishness, yet we spend lots of time in sync with those negative spaces.

Craving what she has, or who she has – to the point of cutting into our faces.

Worthy, a word thrown around too frivolously, has lost its sacred value in our society.

Your worthiness is not hers… or hers… or even hers.. it is yours and it starts internally.

No more focus on what they say, or how others may perceive what you do,

Focus only on what you know and how you feel about you.

If what you know needs some adjusting and you honestly need to grow,

Then move forward mighty woman without looking to and fro.

Chase and challenge yourself to become the best version of you,

Without calculating in who will or won’t accept what you do or don’t do.

They don’t live your life and only get a peek in here and there,

To live for them in full throttle, will only leave your engine worn and bare.

So, free yourself from comparison, self-doubt and the bitterness of jealousy.

Remember you were wonderfully made, step into your faith and reclaim your true identity.


Have a wonderful day out there~!


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