In The Silence

He sits silent and alone, on a quiet night
As he deeply ponders the wrongs and rights.
The Angels, and the devil, are at war on his back,
With his tears, he prays, that he’ll get back on track.

How has his life gone completely to waste?
All his damaging decisions, he wants to erase.
He needs forgiveness, but not forgiveness from us,
But, forgiving himself, now that just seems ridiculous.

This step, he’s been told, is the hardest to take
But, somehow, he must, or he’ll just drive the stake.
His heart becomes a battlefield, standing up, he stumbles,
Deep within his heart, he feels a rush, the hard rock crumbles.

He feels a touch on his shoulder, scared, he turns around to air,
No one is there, he feels so alone, yet a soft whisper touches his hair.
The devil tried to tempt, but in his heart, is where God has been seated.
The Angels won the war on his back, by far, the devil has been defeated!

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