Full-Time Momma

(Savor these precious moments, they fly by too fast)

Full-time momma and proud that I am,
I can make a castle out of water and sand.
I can magically fix a broken, princess purse strap
And draw pictures of puppy dogs and kitty cats.
Arts and crafts are a must in this house of ours,
We love to color and play for hours and hours.
They make up dance routines, and love to wiggle.
Their eyes sparkle so brightly when they giggle.
We shower each other’s cheeks with kisses, regularly,
And tell one another “I love you, bigger than the sea!!!”
There are, of course, times it can be drama, drama,
But I thank the Lord, I am their full-time momma!

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Hi Penny, I didn’t see your comment til now. I appreciate you and am blessed to know you as well.

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