The Age & Stage of Loss: The 50’s

Although experiencing mother loss in your 50’s is a more common occurrence, it still brings challenges. Life is even more busy, children may be in college, or you may be experiencing an empty nest in addition to the day-to-day schedule.  In the midst of all the changes, there has been less time to spend with your mother. Grieving the loss of your mother is never a simple process.

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2 replies on “The Age & Stage of Loss: The 50’s”

Good morning everybody. I lost my mother on the 9th April 2022 after 4 years of fighting a brain tumor.
I found some warmth in reading this blog.
Sharing is really a blessing although it doesn’t ease the pain…

I am sorry for your loss and grateful my words give you peace. We are right here when you need us as you travel in your grief journey

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