Victim No More

By: Tina Elliott

There once was a child lost and alone;  

she struggled with thoughts of having no home. 
Darkness prevailed as life moved forward;  

abuse and neglect were a part of her horror. 
A house filled with sadness, sorrow and pain;  

the normal would be to take on the shame. 
Pain was afflicted by the ones who should love;  

the truth of what happened wrapped tightly in a glove. 
Generation to generation continues the cycle;  

dysfunction keeps happening when we try to stifle. 
Can’t hide the truth of what happened in the past;  

speaking the truth of His love that will always last. 
What man meant for evil – God intended for good;  

He gets the glory when we don’t live in the should’s. 
Victim no more to the shame and the past;  

He sets us free of being downcast. 
Turn to Him no matter the pain;  

nothing to lose but everything to gain. 

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