Survival Mode

By: The Podcast Team

How much time have you spent living in survival mode?  The pain of grief can be buried so deep that it is hidden from everyone. The protective wall built around it allows us to remain stuck in survival mode for varying lengths of time. It affects our relationship with family, those around us and God. But the grief is still there.

This foundation of this podcast is the blog, Survival Mode, written by Motherless Daughters Ministry blogger, C.A. Bleu. She has put into words the sentiments of a heart spent in that environment for a very long time.  Finding release gave her  a fresh outlook on life, a new perspective. This is the story of her journey to healing.

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For more than 20 years The Motherless Daughters Ministry (MDM) has touched the lives of women who have lost or never experienced the nurturing care of a mother. The MDM tools and resources have proven themselves powerful and have created a strong community of people who support one another on the grief journey. If you would like to share your story, send us an email or leave a voicemail message from our website,

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