Mothering Without a Mother

By: The Podcast Team

Motherhood is a challenge under the best circumstances to say nothing of doing it without your own mother. This is especially true for those others who grew up I a home with an emotionally absent mother. This episode looks at ways to become more confident as a mother and create connections with your kids that you may have missed out on. Pat Kuykendoll, one of the bloggers for Mother Daughters Ministry, shares her experience and what she’s learned about creating a healthy relationship with her children and breaking family cycles,

For more than 20 years The Motherless Daughters Ministry (MDM) has touched the lives of women who have lost or never experienced the nurturing care of a mother. The MDM tools and resources have proven themselves powerful and have created a strong community of people who support one another on the grief journey. If you would like to share your story, send us an email or leave a voicemail message from our website, To view one of our newest additions, click here or go to our website and click on “Memorial Tribute Wall.”


Pat Kuykendoll’s blog:

Safe House by Joshua Straub,

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