The Value of “The EAM”

By: The Podcast Team

The EAM” is “The Emotionally Absent Mother” course offered by The Motherless Daughters Ministry. Our guest writer shared what this course meant to her in the blog, “What ‘The Emotionally Absent Mother’ Class Has Done for Me.” After years of struggling through emotions connected to a painful past, she found a breakthrough.

Some of us have spent years suffering silently, knowing that something is wrong and struggling to identify the issues plaguing us. The mere thought of discussing this turmoil with others is mortifying. It seems inconceivable that anyone else could be experiencing similar struggles. It makes one wonder…How would others react if they were aware of the depth of the anguish and the troubling thoughts that come with it? Discovering how to address the feelings and emotions behind the walls that were erected is a journey.   

Registration is open for “The Emotionally Absent Mother Intensive Course.”

This 2 ½-day onsite event will be in Cincinnati OH, August 30th – September 1st.  Late registration will be available after August 22nd. Reserve your seat today!

The MDM tools and resources have proven themselves powerful for 20 years and have created a strong community of people who support one another on the grief journey. If you would like to share your story, send us an email or leave a voicemail message from our website,


“What ‘The Emotionally Absent Mother’ Course Has Done for Me”

More information about volunteering with Motherless Daughters Ministry:

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