Guiding Groups to Greatness: Faith-based Facilitation

Is God leading you in a new direction?

Ever wonder why you work so hard to lead groups and the group either doesn’t come together or maybe it falls apart?  Guiding Groups to Greatness: Faith-Based Facilitation prepares you for success.

If you relate to any of these statements

  • You been asked to lead a group and may feel unprepared.
  • You want to gain more insight into group dynamics.
  • You have had conflict within the group and are not sure the best way to manage this.
  • You have or had a challenging group that no matter what you do, the group is stuck.
  • You have experienced a group who just didn’t follow through with what was agreed upon.
  • You have a group who can’t work together.

Discover solutions within this course.  The content focuses on motherless daughters, and the concepts and principles apply to all groups. Guiding Groups to Greatness: Faith-Based Facilitation provides you a comprehensive approach to:

  • Understanding the 12 characteristics and 9 skills of a great facilitator.
  • Understanding the challenges of successfully guiding groups through all the stages of group dynamics.
  • Recognizing how adults learn. 
  • Learning differences between teaching, leading, and facilitating.
  • Recognizing how you can help or hinder a group.
  • Discerning how to recognize the stages of group development. 
  • Understanding dynamics associated with each stage of group development.
  • Choosing the correct facilitation skills based on the stage of the group.
  • Recognizing common dysfunctional behaviors and how to manage them.
  • Making process interventions for dysfunctional behavior.
  • Distinguishing the differences between individual feedback and group process interventions and knowing which to choose when. 

Learning the “must haves” you cannot skip in order to create a strong foundation


A pre-requisite is that you have completed a Motherless Daughters Ministry Course

  • The Emotionally Absent Mother
  • Daughters of the Narcissistic Mother
  • 12 week Journey Course or Journey Retreat
  • The Road to Forgiveness


  • Represents the Motherless Daughters Ministry with professionalism and Christian love.
  • Maintains confidentiality with participant’s information outside of the facilitation team.
  • Works collaboratively and plans with her facilitation team how best to serve women in the course or retreat.
  • Prepares lesson plans, handouts, files. and all materials needed to facilitate the course.
  • Completes the agreed upon commitment.
  • Participates in a post-course evaluation and planning.

The training will take place over 10 weeks online via Zoom. 

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Expectations upon completion


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