Cathy DiBella

My mother loss began at birth; she was there for me physically but emotionally left me empty. Because of this lack of emotional connection, I was very angry as a child and this continued as I became an adult.

In 2004, I became so exhausted from being angry, I decided to pursue therapy. During this time, God showed me the reality of my parents’ dysfunction — I had been emotionally abused and abandoned. During my 6 years of therapy, God showed me (through visions) what unconditional love looks like, who He really is, and how much I am loved by Him. This healing continues to this day. I took the Motherless Daughters class in 2011, and I am also a mentor in this ministry. I have been married to my husband for 38 years and work part-time as a contract employee for P & G, although my passion is interior design.

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