Laura Horn

My mother loss is three fold.  My father died in 1995 and my mother moved to Cincinnati.  I never really felt close to her and realized that part of that was because I never felt my mom was there for me as a child.  She was always busy but didn’t really seem to interact with me like a mother should.  Over the 17 years she was in Cincinnati, I found myself becoming a mother to my mother.  She required me to take her to and from doctor’s appointments, to the airport and make sure she took her pills, etc.  In 2013, my mother passed away suddenly after being in the hospital for only two weeks. My brothers and sisters live out of town, with their own families, and were not able to help out in taking care of our mom. I am blessed with a passionate supportive husband who understands what I have been through.  He continues to support my efforts to understand how losing my mom has affected me. I have two adult children. My oldest is married and the youngest is currently living at home. My boys and my husband are the center of my life. I also work full time as an educator in the field of nutrition.