Leslie McIntosh

At five years old, I was standing in the mirror getting ready for kindergarten. My older sister was helping me. I remember that day because it was a day that would forever change my life. I knew my Mom was sick but I did not know until that day in front of the mirror that she could and would die. My Mom had been in and out of hospitals all five years of my life.

My older sister became my “mom figure”. I remember turning to my sister and asking, “When’s Mommy coming back home?” Little did I know that my Mom had already passed and that my immediate family had had her funeral. I’ll never forget my sister’s response, “she’s not…she died.” These four words were embedded into my mind forever. I knew I was forever different; I was a Motherless Daughter.

I have done so much healing and growing through the ministry. It has made such a difference in my life and now it is my turn to help other motherless daughters.